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Sunday BBQ

Every Sunday, weather and clashing YPC events allowing, a BBQ is held at the Yacht Port Cartagena, just inside the main gate. There will be at least one, sometimes two BBQ’s lit for you to cook your own food on. YPC kindly provide the BBQ grills, tables and chairs, for which we are ever thankful.

Occasionally the more musical among the group bring along their guitar, ukulele or other instrument for a jam/sing-a-long.

A volunteer normally takes responsibility for ensuring the BBQ’s are cleaned before use, charcoal purchased and lit ready for use. We normally ask for a 50c/head contribution for the charcoal. When the money collected over the weeks starts to build up, we make a contribution to a local charity. You will find latest news about the BBQ below. If there is no news, then the next BBQ is definitely on!


Where:     Yacht Port Cartagena, just inside main gate

When:       October onwards –  Every Sunday at 16:30pm (until further notice)

Cost:         .50c per head for charcoal

Bring your own food and drink

Latest News About BBQs

BBQ Sunday 5th

BBQ as usual this Sunday at 2pm start. Still no feedback from the marina re anymore chairs etc so if anyone is able to bring chairs or a table i am sure it would be appreciated.

Any musicians here can also have an opportunity to play after eating if they wish. either as a group or individually.

The BBQ could also be an opportunity for anyone wishing to sell anything either boat jumble or new items. any “craft minded folks could offer their goods… after all Xmas is coming!

Maybe we could have a monthly slot for that? any thoughts?……


Sunday BBQ 29th October 2:00pm – Time Change!

Apologies for the late notification, but as the clocks go back tonight, the Sunday BBQ will revert back to its normal time of 2:00pm on Sunday afternoons. Please pass this information on to all who you see in the marina, so no one misses out! We have asked Alberto for a bigger BBQ and more table and chairs, as the BBQ is getting very popular! So please bear with us until they appear.

See you all tomorrow!



S/V Somoya

Web Admin

Sunday BBQs – October Onwards – Update!

It was generally agreed that a more appropriate time for the Sunday BBQ would be 17:00pm, until the clocks go back at least, and then we can re-assess the situation.

So from next Sunday 8th October, we will light the charcoal at 16:30pm, so it will be ready for cooking around 17:00pm.

If you have friends who were not at yesterdays BBQ, please let them know about the changes!

El Burn Samaritans Donation From BBQ Funds

El Burn Samaritans Donation From BBQ Funds

Andrew has made a donation of 185 Euros to the local Samaritans in Cartagena, from the excess money that has accumulated in the BBQ fund pot.

It’s good to know that your .50c per head not only provides charcoal for the BBQ!

A big thank you to Andrew for taking the time to make the donation.


BBQ Pot – Charity Donation

Posted on behalf of Andrew:

I made a donation of €167 from the BBQ pot to a charity that supports underprivileged families and children in Santa Lucia (the fishing port area). A receipt is attached. I plan to make one further donation to a local charity before I leave. Please let me know if you have a favourite charity in Cartagena.


Sunday BBQ

Dear All,
During July and August BBQS will start at 19.00hrs. Please remember to invite any new crews on your pontoon.
If you are able to help with setting up and cleaning the BBQS in August or September, please let me know.
Yacht Chin Chin
Pontoon J

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