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Anne Babbidge


  • Bank Holiday

    Hello message from the office Wednesday MAY 1st is a bank holiday!  
  • BBQ Donation

    Message from Ray on High Hopes  We have made a Donation from BBQ fund  As...
  • Noise Alert on April 30

    Cristian from the Marina office has asked me to please put up this post to...
  • Bank holiday dates in April 2019

    Bank Holiday Dates: Friday 12 April Thursday 18 April Friday 19 April enjoy
  • BBQ Sunday 31 March

    please keep your eye on the weather as it is due to rain tomorrow so...
  • Clocks change

    Don’t forget the clocks change tonight – so put your clocks forward !
  • Gas Run

    Ray from High Hopes is doing a gas run on Wednesday morning early . If...
  • Latest BBQ charity Donation

    The BBQ fund has made a donation this week …  I am sure you might...
  • Bread orders

    If your interested in having bread delivered to the marina we have a system which...
  • Message from YPC office Mamen

    Message from Marmen YPC  In order to restore confidence and safety in Yacht Port Cartagena,...
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