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Bank Holiday

Hello message from the office Wednesday MAY 1st is a bank holiday!  

BBQ Donation

Message from Ray on High Hopes  We have made a Donation from BBQ fund  As some of you might be aware Rosario in the office...

Noise Alert on April 30

Cristian from the Marina office has asked me to please put up this post to pre warn berth holders that on the 30th April there...

Bank holiday dates in April 2019

Bank Holiday Dates: Friday 12 April Thursday 18 April Friday 19 April enjoy

BBQ Sunday 31 March

please keep your eye on the weather as it is due to rain tomorrow so the BBQ will probably be cancelled! ☹️☔️

Clocks change

Don’t forget the clocks change tonight – so put your clocks forward !

Gas Run

Ray from High Hopes is doing a gas run on Wednesday morning early . If you would like a Gas canister filling please get it...

Latest BBQ charity Donation

The BBQ fund has made a donation this week …  I am sure you might wonder where all those 50 cents we put in the...

Bread orders

If your interested in having bread delivered to the marina we have a system which we hope will work . I cant get the info...

Message from YPC office Mamen

Message from Marmen YPC  In order to restore confidence and safety in Yacht Port Cartagena, which is with no doubt one of our priorities, we...
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