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Every now and again, you will need a puller for your engine impeller, a tool to adjust your mid-ship futtocks or someone to shin up your mast. You may even require advice on whether to copper coat your loved ones bottom. Why not post a cry for help here? There is always someone out there who can help.

Or if you have a particular skill others may find useful, please let us know!

Latest Cries For, Or Offers Of Help

Return ride needed

We’re returning to Cartagena via the Murcia airport on Friday June 13 at 18:45.  We looking for a ride to YPC.   Please contact me if you’re interested in sharing expenses.



If anyone is here over the summer, or indeed for the next few weeks, and is interested in taking over the running of the BBQ, that would be great. DAX on ‘Plan b’ (our fire lighter) has left for the summer, and hopefully we are heading out this weekend. I have the jar with the collection in it, if someone wants to take ownership of it.

The collection jar has only a few euros in it now, the remainder, as was decided by the majority of winter berth holders, has been divided between the two security guards and the marineros as a thank you for all their help over the winter. We have also bought bottles of wine for the ladies in the office and the cleaning lady. I will take all these up to the office tomorrow.

If no-one comes along to take the jar by the time we leave, I shall leave it in the office for the remainder to be put into a charity box.

Have a fabulous season everyone, fair winds and calm seas.




Anybody Going To Lagos?

Hi, All,

If any body is coming across to Lagos, by car in the very near future, I have some mail at the YPC Office that arrived after we left. If you are coming across, and you can fit in a very small package, please let me know!

Many thanks,

Chris Chapman

Sail repairs

Would really appreciate people’s experience and judgement on dealing with any of the sail repairers within a reasonable driving distance of Cartagena. Will have a hire car with me next week and am arriving this Saturday the 10th of March.

Keith Wilson, Chateau de Chaselet, berth 19B-



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