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Every now and again, you will need a puller for your engine impeller, a tool to adjust your mid-ship futtocks or someone to shin up your mast. You may even require advice on whether to copper coat your loved ones bottom. Why not post a cry for help here? There is always someone out there who can help.

Or if you have a particular skill others may find useful, please let us know!

Latest Cries For, Or Offers Of Help

Crew Available

Hi everyone, we’re two sailors doing a 100days sailing trip. We’re Carmo and Inês, and we’re hitch hiking sailing boats into the Mediterranean! Our goal is to interview 100 sailors, and produce short videos. We’ll keep everything about this adventure here life ON board.
So far we’ve been on 4 different boats that brought us all the day from Lisbon. Now we’re in Cartagena, looking for the next sailing ride! Will you take us on board? Or do you know anyone who might need crew?
Feel free to check our IG @life.onboard and to support our adventure by downloading the Mooringo App, that is sponsoring our adventure (please use the value code ‘lifeonboard’ when you do so)
Oh, we have sailing experience since young age, and we are also good cooks!!
Email us anytime at
Carmo and Inês

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