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Local Bus Routes

Cartagena – Alicante Bus Schedule

Kingsley Ross has kindly contributed the local bus route maps together with the bus timetable for the direct bus from Cartagena to Alicante.

The routes are shown below. Scroll down the page until you see the route number highlighted in red, click on it, and the map will open up.

The bus stop for #7 headed to Lidl etc. is directly across the street from bus stop just outside the marina but there is no sign for it. In other words it is right out from the entrance to the Auditorio de Congresos El Batel. (A bus driver showed us it and we have used it several times.)

There is also a website that will tell you when the next bus is due.  It is .  The times for the buses running by the marina can be looked up by searching for the location “Puerto”.  A mobile friendly version of the site appears when it is opened on phones.

Finally there is a now a direct (no changes) bus from Cartagena to the Alicante airport and back.  Fares are less than 9 euros each way per person.  See below for the schedule for this bus.


Bus Route 4


Bus Route 7

Bus Route 8

Bus Route 9

Cartagena - Alicante Direct - Timetable

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