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Below you will find all items that have have been submitted to Sail Cartagena.

Thursday Boule

This Thursday at 2pm there will be a game of boule in the field near the marina office.  Bring your set, if you have one, and this will ensure that more people can play.  Bring refreshments, if you wish.

Latest BBQ charity Donation

The BBQ fund has made a donation this week … 

I am sure you might wonder where all those 50 cents we put in the pot each week end up – it’s not just for charcoal. 

once there is more than 110 Euro in the pot a sum is then taken out and given to a charity local to Cartagena,

This week there has been made a donation of €180.60

Out of that money €75 was donated by Henri Schongut from the donations he received towards his classes – so thank you Henri. 

The charity chosen is for children with disabilities. ( see attached photo) . 

Thank you to everyone who attends the BBQ and pays their 50 cents without these donations this would not be possible. 

Note: this message is from Ray on High Hopes 

Need a ride


anyone who could give our daughter a ride to /from Cartagena from / to Alicante airport?

She arrives in Alicante airport tomorrow, Feb 2, at 18:55

Her plane departs  from Alicante airport Feb 9, at 19:45

Thanks, Michaela and Sven / Odin-X (K27)


Bread orders

If your interested in having bread delivered to the marina we have a system which we hope will work .

I cant get the info to upload here keeps coming up with an error !

so please look at the posters on bathroom doors and the room with books for more info many thanks x

Thursday Boule

Thursday, Jan. 31, there will be a game of Boule at 2pm next to the marina office.  If you have a boule set, please bring it so we will be able to accommodate more people to play.

2 o’clock tapas in the sun

There is a group that prefers to enjoy the Wednesday  tapas in the sun when it is nice and warm.

Where? Plaza del Ray ( just opposite Arsenal Militar gate)

When? Wednesday at 2 o’clock. We meet at YPC main gate at 13:45 so we get most out of the sun

Note: They do serve alcohol free beer and wine, soft drinks and tea and coffee

Message from YPC office Mamen

Message from Marmen YPC 

In order to restore confidence and safety in Yacht Port Cartagena, which is with no doubt one of our priorities, we inform you that the following measures have already been implemented:


• Night surveillance has been increased to two people.

• A container for safe bike storage has been installed.

• The closing time of the main door has been shortened.

• The pedestrian door is locked.


In addition, the security cameras will be installed during the month of February.


Once again we want to thank you for the patience and trust placed in YPC.

Good News!

Good News:
A container has been placed next to the laundry room by the marina . This is for bike storage it is ready for use as from now

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