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Below you will find all items that have have been submitted to Sail Cartagena.

Next winter in Licata


I know some of us were considering Licata in Sicily for our winter berth 2018/19, I’m not one to worry unnecessarily, but I have stumbled across this thread on the YBW liveaboard forum:

It might be scare-mongering or it might be worth further investigation.

Suella   ‘Tingha’

Anybody Going To Lagos?

Hi, All,

If any body is coming across to Lagos, by car in the very near future, I have some mail at the YPC Office that arrived after we left. If you are coming across, and you can fit in a very small package, please let me know!

Many thanks,

Chris Chapman

Semana Santa Events 2018 in Cartagena

Events have started in the city for Semana Santa. Whether you are religious or not, these processions are stunning and the precision, dediction and organisation is impressive.  Neil and I were here last year for Easter and were blown away with the scale of the events taking place.  We can highly recommend the following:-

Easter Tuesday 27th March @ 8:38pm! – March of the Apostles – 3 different parades leaving from military buildings meet up to become one large procession

Wednesday 28th March – 5.45pm outside the town hall a dramatisation of the Trial of Christ followed by one of the largest processions

Maundy Thursday 29th March – 9pm  evening procession in silence and virtual darkness – to be in the city among thousands of people with only the sound of the tapping of the staffs and lights from the participants and tronos (thrones) is eerie and quite surreal.

Good Friday – be brave, get up before dawn – it all starts just after midnight but last year we went up at 4am and really felt the atmosphere despite the yawning children in their cloaks.

Easter Sunday – a much changed atmosphere – the resurrection procession with lots of light and white flowers and a reasonable start at 10.30am

A link on Murcia Today can be found here to the list of full events.

Neil wrote about our experiences last year on his blog which can be read here.


Sail repairs

Would really appreciate people’s experience and judgement on dealing with any of the sail repairers within a reasonable driving distance of Cartagena. Will have a hire car with me next week and am arriving this Saturday the 10th of March.

Keith Wilson, Chateau de Chaselet, berth 19B-



BBQ – Charity Donation

Hi All,

We thought you would all like to know that as has become customary, a charity donation of €150.54 has been made on behalf of all the attendees of the Sunday BBQ. A copy of the receipt will be posted in the computer room.

At the suggestion of YPC, this donation has been made to a local mental health charity, and represents the excess funds generated from all those 50 cent contributions (after the costs of providing the charcoal etc. have been covered) for the period leading up to Christmas.

If the good weather now continues we hope it will be possible to make a further donation before everyone casts off to destinations afar for the summer.

Kindest regards

Ray – High Hopes &

Craig – Kuta of Carrick



Our favourite tour guide Vera has arranged for her friend, the archaeologist Pedro Huertas, to give us a guided visit to the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Cartagena next Wednesday 28 February between 6:00pm and 7:30pm. The tour will be conducted in English and it’s free! (Including access to the museum).

The tour takes you from prehistory through to the 19th century. Located on the site of the late Roman San Antón necropolis, the visit follows a chronological order from the Paleolithic and the Bronze Ages to the Roman period, and then on to architectural items and lower arts from the 19th century. The San Antón necropolis is one of the main points of interest. For those that don’t know, a necropolis is a large, designed cemetery with elaborate tomb monuments. The name stems from the Ancient Greek and literally means “city of the dead”.

I need to confirm numbers to Vera by Monday evening so If you’d like to come along please let me know by email ( or visit SV ‘Gleda’ on pontoon A.

The museum is near El Cortes Ingles, so I suggest we meet by the gate at 5:45pm. It’s about 1.5 miles (2.5km)

(SECOND Update) The next ‘Conversational Spanish’ evening is the 27th February

Hello all,

Subsequent to the messages below there has been an update and I need a volunteer!

Vera emailed me back to say that she has a tour booked for the 27th and therefore she cannot meet on this date. She is able to meet on another day either side potentially or the following week.

However, Nikki and I will be back in the UK, and then hopefully leaving the marina to head East, and therefore I now need someone to take over the liaison with Vera and organise the new dates etc.

If you can help, please send me an email ( or come over to Destination Anywhere and say Hi.

In the meantime, I will ask Vera to hold off any future dates.

thanks, Malc




Hello all,

A good time was had by the four cruisers who went along to meet Vera and her fellows last Tuesday. We had two cruisers with ‘advanced’ Spanish, and Nikki and I in the ‘basic’ corner which means that it doesn’t matter what your existing knowledge of the Spanish language is, there will be someone there at your level!

We will meet at 17.30 on the 27th by the marina gate and head up to  ‘The Little Tin Soldier’ (El soldadito de plomo) cafe. For those who attended last time, you may recall that we agreed to meet on the 20th but this is Vera’s daughters birthday and therefore she cannot make that date.

Nikki and I will be away for the week of the 27th Feb, and then we hope to head away cruising upon our return to Cartagena. Therefore, would somebody please volunteer to take over the liaison with Vera and posting this notice on the web site?

Pop along to ‘Destination Anywhere’ near the toilet building for more information.

regards, Malc & Nikki

Destination Anywhere


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