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Below you will find all items that have have been submitted to Sail Cartagena.

2 o’clock tapas in the sun

There is a group that prefers to enjoy the Wednesday  tapas in the sun when it is nice and warm.

Where? Plaza del Ray ( just opposite Arsenal Militar gate)

When? Wednesday at 2 o’clock. We meet at YPC main gate at 13:45 so we get most out of the sun

Note: They do serve alcohol free beer and wine, soft drinks and tea and coffee

Message from YPC office Mamen

Message from Marmen YPC 

In order to restore confidence and safety in Yacht Port Cartagena, which is with no doubt one of our priorities, we inform you that the following measures have already been implemented:


• Night surveillance has been increased to two people.

• A container for safe bike storage has been installed.

• The closing time of the main door has been shortened.

• The pedestrian door is locked.


In addition, the security cameras will be installed during the month of February.


Once again we want to thank you for the patience and trust placed in YPC.

Good News!

Good News:
A container has been placed next to the laundry room by the marina . This is for bike storage it is ready for use as from now

The next Thursday Walk

We will have a hike on Thursday 10 January to Castillo de ls Atalaya (route PR7).  We will depart the main gate at 1000 and proceed to the Calle Pio XII bridge, through the Barrio de la Concepcion to the church and the start of the marked trail to the castle on top of the hill.  We will stop for a picnic lunch at the top.

The entire walk is about 10 km and should take 3-1/2 to 4 hours.  Bring lunch, water and good shoes.  It is rated as an easy walk.  Total elevation gain is 246 meters.

Update re thefts

Ray on High Hopes has asked me to forward the following message:

As some of you are aware two more bicycles have been stolen and someone has returned to their yacht to discover it has had an attempted break in. 

Ray was informed of the above and has approached the Capitana Office this morning for clarity on when the security measures that where promised will be put in place. He got a non comital response from them. 



Thursday Walk

You are welcome to join us for a leisurely walk to the Saracen Fort, Thursday, Jan3, starting at 11:00am from the marina entrance.  Bring what you will need for about a 1 hour hike to the fort and back down through San Lucia.  We will then plan to have a lunch out at one of the local restaurants.

Unorganized New Year’s Eve

For those who have nothing special organized for New Year’s Eve. We will have a

“unorganized get toghether”

on 31st of December

at 7:30-8:00 PM

at th shack on the back of the Capitania.

We will light one BBQ,have a buffet table inside. .. The whole concept is based on bring and share food, drinks  or whatever you might think. There will be some music, a few grapes to help you go over the year and the usuall things  you tended to avoid by not organizing your own eve party… see you there !!!!

Thanks to the Marina

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the Marina not only for the nice Get-Together on the 21st of Dec but also for their always very friendly and helpful service.

Michaela & Sven, Odin-X

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