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Hi Guys, I just got around to registering on the website, we are back in Ireland and catching up on work, hope you are all in good order. I made a short video of one of our trips and stuck it on youtube. If it works for “La Vagabonde” it might work for me!

El Burn Samaritans Donation From BBQ Funds

El Burn Samaritans Donation From BBQ Funds

Andrew has made a donation of 185 Euros to the local Samaritans in Cartagena, from the excess money that has accumulated in the BBQ fund pot.

It’s good to know that your .50c per head not only provides charcoal for the BBQ!

A big thank you to Andrew for taking the time to make the donation.


Romans & Carthaginians Festival 2017

The dates for the festival are Friday 15th of September to Sunday 24th September 2017.

The full programme of events has not yet been published but some information can be found here and here.

Last year the festival was an amazing 10 days of colour, history, parades, battles along with the Romans and Carthaginians.  We are looking forward to seeing the festival again this year.


Lights Query

Dear all.

This is our first time in this area and on an overnighter from Cabo de Gata we came across lots of strange (uncharted) lights. Sometimes they just looked like a couple of starboard nav lights floating on the surface others were a series of different coloured lights on what appeared to be poles?
The only explanation I could come up with was something ‘fishing’ related. However some of these were in very deep water which had me questioning my own interpretation. Having dodged fishing flags in Portugal for the last couple of years I was comfortable with that but this was disconcerting as I wasn’t sure what I was dealing with?
I’m fairly certain that others will have come across this and will have had similar experiences.

Any thoughts gratefully received.


Bob Smout

SY Drift Away


Shopping in Cartagena

Particularly for those of you new to Cartagena I list below the main supermarkets accessible by foot (that is those I’m willing to walk to and my walking times which is not fast). ¬†I have tried to give the easiest walking directions taking the route I use. ¬†It should be noted that in the time we have been here these supermarkets have been shut on Sundays (except the Carrefour express, see below). ¬†The Carrefour Hypermarket located at Centro Comercial Espacio Mediterr√°neoon, the out of town shopping centre, is open on a Sunday. ¬†The number 4 bus goes here during the week (catch from outside Carrefour on Paseo de Alfonso Xiii) or approximately a ‚ā¨10 taxi ride each way.

Davo –¬†Plaza de Risue√Īo, 5, – open 7 days a week (except during holidays in August)

This is the nearest bakery to the marina and has a great selection of bread and pastries.  Go straight on out of marina up Calle Gisbert, at crossroads, carry straight on into Calle de la Caridad.  Davo is a few metres up on the left hand side.

Lidl – 20mins –¬†Avda. Am√©rica, 12, 30203

Turn right out of marina, left at traffic island Cuesta Del Batel, past/through the battle green under the wall, past bus and tram station, at traffic island, turn right – Lidl just ahead (to the right of the train station).

Note:  There is a Dia Supermarket just on the other side of the train station.

Mercadona Р 20 minutes РCalle Carlos III, 44

Turn right out of marina, left at traffic island Cuesta Del Batel, past the battle green under the wall, past bus and tram station, at traffic island go straight on Calle Capitanes Ripoll and Mercadona is on the left hand side behind the skate park before the next traffic island.  It is virtually invisible from the road.

Mercadona – 20 minutes -Plaza de Espa√Īa, 6

Straight up Calle Major (main shopping street) into Calle Carmen, over the large traffic island at Plaza Espana and small entrance to Mercadona on left hand side past the petrol station

Spar – 10 minutes ¬†–¬†Calle Santiago, 21

Turn right out of marina, at traffic island turn right on to Paseo del Muelle, just before main entrance to fishing port on opposite side is a sliding metal gate in front of a church, Parroquia de Santiago Apóstol, cross the square to the right and the Spar is on the same street as the church

Spar – 20 minutes –¬†Calle Carmen, 59

Straight on from Calle Major into Calle Carmen on left hand side near the end of the shopping street

Carrefour Express on Calle Major – 15 minutes – open most Sundays but not in August

On Calle Major opposite Ale Hop (shop with a big black/white cow stood outside) or just past the Naval General’s home which flies a large Spanish flag (for info, every night there is a small ceremony where this flag is “piped down” at sunset)

Carrefour Superstore – 25 minutes –¬†Paseo De Alfonso Xiii¬†

Right out of marina, left at traffic island Cuesta Del Batel, past the battle green under the wall, past bus and tram station, at traffic island go straight on Calle Capitanes Ripoll, at next traffic island** turn right onto Paseo De Alfonso Xiii and Carrefour is on the opposite side of the road next to a Burger King.  ** For information if you turn left and follow this road it will end up at Plaza Espana at the end of Calle Carmen

Fruit/Vegetable/Fish Market – Calle Juan Fernandez

Go straight on out of marina up Calle Gisbert, at crossroads, carry straight up Calle de la Caridad into Calle de la Serrata. Turn left alongside the Military Museum on Calle del Parque, at the traffic island turn right into Calle Juan Fernandez – the market is in the large building on the left hand side

Fabric/Clothes/Homewares Market – Wednesday only

Directions to be added in the near future.

There are other supermarkets and small food stores around the city but hopefully I have included the largest and nearest ones. ¬†Some of the larger ones also deliver if you spend a certain amount. Certainly the large Carrefour do – check at the customer service desk in store. ¬†Additionally, the marina office sells bags of ice for ‚ā¨2 and has stock all year round.

If any errors above, or anyone has a better walking route, I am happy to amend as required.



Crew Available

Hi everyone, we’re two sailors doing a 100days sailing trip. We’re Carmo and In√™s, and we’re hitch hiking sailing boats into the Mediterranean! Our goal is to interview 100 sailors, and produce short videos. We’ll keep everything about this adventure here¬†life ON board.
So far we’ve been on 4 different boats that brought us all the day from Lisbon. Now we’re in Cartagena, looking for the next sailing ride! Will you take us on board? Or do you know anyone who might need crew?
Feel free to check our IG @life.onboard and to support our adventure by downloading the Mooringo App, that is sponsoring our adventure (please use the value code ‘lifeonboard’ when you do so)
Oh, we have sailing experience since young age, and we are also good cooks!!
Email us anytime at
Carmo and Inês

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