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Below you will find all items that have have been submitted to Sail Cartagena.

Airport transfer


please could you advise me on the easiest and cheapest way to get from Murcia airport to Cartagena on 4th Nov please as have got my sister coming to visit. She also has an early flight on back on 6 th Nov .

Thank you

Capricciosa F11

Community Fiesta Day – Sunday 28th October

This event is now advertised here, on Facebook (Cartagena liveaboards) and around the marina.  In order for us to guage interest in this event could we ask the following:

– to participate in the games please sign up using the sheets in the book swap

– if you are able to make a cake for the cake stall or donate something to the tombola/bottle stall please let us know

– got something to sell at the boat jumble, please let us know

– if you are just happy to come along to the event, We’d like to hear that too

We are planning some other fun activities and representatives from the charity have indicated that they would like to come along therefore it would help us to plan more efficiently if we know what interest there.

Thanks to those who have already signed up to participate and make a donation.



Shooting the Sun

Would you like to know a little more about the use of a sextant ?
Being able to draw a line of position ?
Or simply allow yourself of being seriously, momentarily, the center of the universe ?
THE ASTRONAV SEMINAR might be something for you.
3-4 sessions of 2 hours.
Once a week
Start in November
Cost 1€ for charity

Places are limited, so … advance reservation is a must. Register here in the Comments section by submitting your:

First name, boat name and berth number.


Quick Request About Classifieds

At the moment, there is no time limit set on how long Classified ads. remain in the Classifieds section. Could I ask advertisers to remove ads once items have been sold etc? I have just deleted ads from 2017, which I think are no longer current.

Many thanks!


Web Admin

Washing Machines

Dear All

I noticed today that one of the washing machines was ‘Out of Service’ again (not surprising as they are both ten years old). Two of the marineros were in there repairing it and they told me that in order for anything to be done about replacements, they need feedback from the users.

Therefore, can I ask that when you are inconvenienced by a washing machine breakdown (never mind how often) or you find yourself frustrated at being fourth in the queue waiting hours for one of the machines, please can you email to tell them.

They may just do something about it.

Oh, this also applies to cold showers too!



Hi All

Craig, myself and Ray from High Hopes attended a meeting today with Mamen (the Marina Manager).  The meeting was at her request in order that she could update us on the security issues following the theft of bicycles from the marina which we could the cascade to the rest of the community.

The marina are very concerned about the spate of recent thefts and in the interim period, until a permanent solution is instigated, they will post one security guard on each of the concrete pontoons overnight.  In addition, the local police will include the marina in the nightly patrols they make around the Batel and the Aqua museum.

As a more permanent solution the plan is that a mast with a movement sensor will be sited on the concrete pontoons which will light up the area.  They feel that this will act as a deterrent and also alert the security guard to movement on the pontoon which he will then investigate.  This will also improve the lighting in the area for berth holders at night.

In addition to this they are looking at adding a security camera to each mast.  This will be monitored by the security guard and will record all activity.  They are planning that the light sensor masts will be installed within the next week or so, with the security cameras being added in 2/3 weeks.

In addition there are plans to rent a container in which marina residents can leave their bikes overnight – access to this will be available from around 7.00 a.m. to 10.30 p.m.

There are longer term plans to change the gate system which will create a gate for pedestrians and a separate gate for cars.  This should help to alleviate some of the issues of people choosing to just wander in.  This is part of significant changes the marina are planning to make including the addition of a new building at the Mare Nostrum end of the marina which will incorporate additional toilets, showers, a laundry, and a room for the marina residents to use.  The relevant permission has been granted for this work and it is currently out for tender.  They are awaiting quotes and whilst it is anticipated that the work will only take 2/3 months it is unlikely that the new facilities will be in place before the end of this winter season.

A couple of other issues have been highlighted in recent days, these being life rings and emergency ladders.  There are life rings at the end of each pontoon, and the marina will provide us with a map detailing the location of all emergency ladders so we can pass these on.  These do appear to be fixed ladders though and we will ask about some portable ladders.

I was also asked if there is a defribrillator in the marina office.  Unfortunately there is not, however Mamen will contact the Town Council about the possibility of a defribrillator, such as the one in the town square, being installed between the two marinas.  There is a defribrillator available when the cruise ships come in and if required a Marinero will immediately take the dinghy or buggy to retrieve it.

Mamen has suggested that in the event of an emergency the Marinero’s are contacted by telephone which they carry at all times.  The telephone number for this is 636 877 374.

For those who aren’t aware other emergency numbers to have at hand are:

ALL emergencies 112 – no area code or Spanish SIM card required – this is a multi lingual number

Ambulance and health emergencies- 061 or 112

Fire – 080 or 112

Local Police – 092

Civil Guard – 062

National Police – 091

Full details are available at – this will explain which police service is required

For those of you who don’t have the office telephone number, this is +34 968 121 213.  This is manned by office staff from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m, and outside of these hours the calls transfer to Alberto.

Overall this was a very amicable and productive discussion and it was evident that the Management of the Marina are interested to hear, and act upon wherever possible, our concerns.

Mamen is very happy to have a regular meeting with representatives of the community in order that any issues we have can be aired.  If anyone has any concerns, and assuming that the rest of the residents are happy to be represented by myself, Craig and Ray, we are happy to do this on your behalf.  You can speak to us in person, or if you prefer you can email me at

Apologies for the length of this post but it was important that we inform you all regarding the points discussed.  Please share this information with anyone you feel may be interested who does not have access to the website or Facebook page.

Thank you


Kuta Of Carrick (I15)


Hi All,

I’ve left it as late as possible, but in view of the current weather and the forecast for later, today’s BBQ is cancelled.

Hopefully everyone can now make alternative arrangements.

Weather permitting, normal service will be resumed next week!



Kuta Of Carrick

YPC Community Fiesta Day – Sunday 28 October 2018

Yacht Port Cartagena Community Fiesta Day
Sunday 28 October 2018
12:30 – 15:00
Followed by BBQ at 15:00

Everyone in the YPC community is welcomed to attend the inaugural Community Fiesta Day!

The purpose of the day is to introduce you to the YPC Community, to share laughter, information and a beer or two in a relaxed atmosphere. Do please come along if you can make it – or just come along to the BBQ at 15:00.

More Information

We would like as many people to participate. If you cannot make it on the day, why not donate a bottle of something for the Bottle Raffle Stall, or perhaps bake a cake to donate to be sold on the day. Details are below.

Cakes, Bakes, Cookies & Muffins
We would love to receive your ‘cakes and bakes’ donations for selling on the day so please put the date in your diary to remember to buy those ingredients and top up your gas supplies in preparation. Cakes and bakes from all nationalities most welcome. Where possible please indicate ingredients used in case of allergies. Cakes can be dropped off from 11am on Sunday 28 October.

Bottle Raffle
Raffle tickets will be on sale for the popular bottle raffle. We would like your donations please – bottles can be anything (as long as they are unopened and in date!) – wine, beer, Shampoo, Sauces, Vinegars, Olive Oil and such like. If you’d like to start donating now, you can drop off at any of the following boats:
Iolandra on F Pontoon
AWOL on C Pontoon
Tatsu on C Pontoon
Kuta of Carrick on I Pontoon

Boat Jumble
Do you have any boat items that you would like to sell? If you do, now is your chance by renting a space for just €2 per area. You can set up your area from 11am on Sunday 28 October. If you would like to enjoy the day and leave your items for sale, please contact donnajane@btinternet.comfor further information.

Are you a sewist? Do you crochet? Can you knit? Or, perhaps you have always wanted to learn a new craft? This stall will have a few crafty bits for sale made by the talented community and will also be an opportunity to see if there are enough people interested in starting a regular crafting group. If you already have some crafts you would like to sell then for just €2 you can rent a table. Set up time will be from 11am on Sunday 28 October.

Tug of War
What better way to meet new people than to team up and participate in a Tug of War! It is only a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously. If you are interested in taking part there will be a sign up sheet in the book exchange hut.

Fancy Dress
Both children and adults are welcome to dress up if they would like to. There will be a prize for the best dressed child. Obviously dressing up is optional.

Four Legged Friends
Your furry four legged friends are welcome along and will be put through their paces for their cuteness and ability to sit on command – well not quite but prizes will be awarded to the winners of ‘The Best Six Legs’, ‘Waggiest Tail’, ‘Owners Who Look Most Like Their Dogs’ and ‘Best Trick’ (performed by the four legged participant, obviously). Just a note on dogs: please do understand that not everyone is keen on dogs. Well behaved dogs are welcome and remember please clear up after them should they drop a clanger.

A weekly BBQ is held at the marina. On Sunday 28 October, this will start at 15:00 (from then on the time changes to 14:00). Please bring along all your food, drinks, cutlery, cooking utensils, plates etc. Each person is asked to contribute €0.50 cents towards the running costs of buying the coals and lighters. At the end of each quarter, all excess money is donated to a local charity nominated by the YPC Marina Staff.

If you would like to get involved or if you have any queries or questions, please do email

We look forward to seeing you!

Keep an eye out on the website for updates

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