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Thursday Boule

This Thursday at 2pm there will be a game of boule in the field near the marina office.  Bring your set, if you have one, and this will ensure that more people can play.  Bring refreshments, if you wish.

Latest BBQ charity Donation

The BBQ fund has made a donation this week …  I am sure you might wonder where all those 50 cents we put in the pot each week end up – it’s not just for charcoal.  once there is more than 110 Euro in the pot a sum is then taken out and given to a charity...

Need a ride

Hi, anyone who could give our daughter a ride to /from Cartagena from / to Alicante airport? She arrives in Alicante airport tomorrow, Feb 2, at 18:55 Her plane departs  from Alicante airport Feb 9, at 19:45 Thanks, Michaela and Sven / Odin-X (K27)...