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Airport transfer

Hi please could you advise me on the easiest and cheapest way to get from Murcia airport to Cartagena on 4th Nov please as have got my sister coming to visit. She also has an early flight on back on 6 th Nov . Thank you Capricciosa F11

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Community Fiesta Day – Sunday 28th October

This event is now advertised here, on Facebook (Cartagena liveaboards) and around the marina.  In order for us to guage interest in this event could we ask the following: - to participate in the games please sign up using the sheets in the book swap - if you are able...

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Shooting the Sun

Would you like to know a little more about the use of a sextant ? Being able to draw a line of position ? Or simply allow yourself of being seriously, momentarily, the center of the universe ? THE ASTRONAV SEMINAR might be something for you. 3-4 sessions of 2 hours....

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There is an App that works very well for you to find and buy bus tickets on ALSA, the bus company that takes you to lots of Spanish corners as Madrid, Alicante, Granada, the Airports! The App is dowloaded from Play Store or Itunes, and you easily follow...

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Quick Request About Classifieds

At the moment, there is no time limit set on how long Classified ads. remain in the Classifieds section. Could I ask advertisers to remove ads once items have been sold etc? I have just deleted ads from 2017, which I think are no longer current. Many thanks! Chris Web...

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Washing Machines

Dear All I noticed today that one of the washing machines was 'Out of Service' again (not surprising as they are both ten years old). Two of the marineros were in there repairing it and they told me that in order for anything to be done about replacements, they need...

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Hi All Craig, myself and Ray from High Hopes attended a meeting today with Mamen (the Marina Manager).  The meeting was at her request in order that she could update us on the security issues following the theft of bicycles from the marina which we could the cascade...

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Sunday BBQ

Every Sunday, at Yacht Port Cartagena, bring your own food to slap on the Barbie & something to wash it down with!

Wednesday Tapas

Every Wednesday – a gentle stroll around the tapas bars of Cartagena

Friday Happy Hour

Every Friday evening – a general get together in one or other of the many bars in Cartagena

Group Walks

Occasional group walks organised by a volunteer. You are responsible for your own safety!

Other Activities

From time to time, enthusiastic volunteers organise other occasional activities.

Need Help?

Put out a call for help if you need it. There will always be a willing volunteer!

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